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A New Year and The Same Resolution

by Romeo posted Jan 2 2014 6:51PM
Every year we make the same 3 resolutions: quit smoking , drinking or lose weight and every year about 3 weeks in we are back to our same old ways.  People don’t change we just say what we have to so we feel better about ourselves. The only way we will change is if it comes down to a life or death situation and that doesn’t happen much.  You won’t even change to save your relationship, you just do it long enough for her to think your changing and then you revert right back until she threatens to leave again. It just a vicious cycle. I was sitting next to this guy picking up some food on the 31st and as we are waiting he starts to tell me that’s this is the year he is going to drop 50lbs, this dude was big.  I just thought really and what happen the past 5 years you thought it was ok, this is the year? When will you get real with yourself and realize you are who you are and nothing going to change until your doctor tells you, change or die and still have of you would probably just go with death. 
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01/02/2014 6:51PM
A New Year and The Same Resolution
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