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1. I'm from Bakersfield California
2. The first album that i ever purchased was DJ Kool's Let Me Clear My throat. 
3. I like a lot of comedies, its hard to narrow it down to just one. Happy Gilmore, i think is  a good compromise ;)
4. Being on Radio allows me to give back, to the best of my ability, what was given to me when i would listen to DJs growing up. Being able to give back is a reward in itself.
5. Always been a Biggie fan. But they were both from the East Coast ;)
6. Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman, thats a power couple.  ;) But if i have to choose, Jay and Bee
7. Curry Chicken would be my last meal.
8. The worst song i've ever heard? Hmmm...there's so many. HA!!! Where to start. Probably, "What Does The Fox Say." Real winner there ;)
9. Favorite line, there's so many dope lines in so many genre's, this one was hard, but here we go: "Got to give us what we want, gotta give us what we need. Our freedom of speech is freedom or death, we go to fight the powers that be."
10. You can find me at:   ,
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Location : Hometown
People : Dave Kinsey
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