Dj Ogre

1. WHERE ARE YOU FROM - Sunny  San Diego Ca
2. WHAT IS THE FIRST ALBUM YOU BOUGHT? - NWA "Straight Outta Compton"
3. FUNNIEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME? - Too many funny movies to just pick one..
4. WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT BEING ON THE RADIO? - Being able to have my mixes heard by thousands of people 5. BIGGIE OR PAC? - Biggie 6. KIM AND KANYE OR JAY AND BEYONCÉ? - Jay and Beyoncé 7. WHAT WOULD YOUR LAST MEAL BE? - Chicken Adobo or a Ribeye Steak with Smashed Taters and Steamed Broccoli 8. WORST SONG YOU HAVE EVER HEARD? "What would the fox say" by Ylvis 9.  YOUR FAVORITE LINE FROM A SONG OR A MOVIE? - "Imma OGRRRRRRRE" from the movie Shrek 10. BESIDES CHECKING YOU OUT ON THE STATION WHERE CAN PEOPLE FIND YOU ONLINE? - , Instagram @iamdjogre , Twitter @iamdjogre , Facebook D.j. Ogre
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