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It's A Teenagers Job To be Stupid

by Romeo posted Mar 11 2014 3:48PM

Yesterday I was standing in line at rite aid and this older couple was talking trash about these kids that rolled in to the store – I mean they had baggy pants on skinny jeans and this man says “can you believe how ridiculous these kids look today?” and his wife says “ I know it embarrassing”  I just thought that’s what hell is wrong with these two old idiots --- come on the job of a teenager is to look ridiculous and do stupid things ---- If I have to be the one to tell you, I will tell you --- you weren’t cool when you were a teenager you looked ridiculous and did stupid things and every time you were in public there were adults making comments and shaking their heads at you. It goes all the way back to caveman days. I’m sure there were some adults talking mess about the teenagers and the way the wore whatever animal hide they had on. 
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03/11/2014 3:48PM
It's A Teenagers Job To be Stupid
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03/21/2014 12:54PM
Too cool for Rules
Lol. Big Rome. You ain't lying. Teenage days were not the business Didn't give a darn about bad attention Wanted to do things the way we want Then as adults those rumors haunt But just like you said that's what teens do I mean u are an adult and you do it too lol Just kidding Tammy from the Valley has always thought you were awesome. Even when you talk about the raiders
08/27/2014 8:04AM
Teenagers evolved
At one point there was no such thing as teenagers. The fifties changed that. Young men looked forward to getting married, no teenage life. As soon as they were old enough to work, they found a woman and took care of her.
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