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by Juanita Jennings posted Nov 27 2013 11:09AM
If you haven’t heard the news Paul Walker from Fast and Furious fame was killed in a car crash Saturday afternoon 30 miles outside of Los angles after attending his charity event. It seemed to be just a tragic accident that could have been caused by street racing, or a factory malfunction of the car or maybe simple speeding and the driver lost control.  But after talking to you, everyone seems to believe there may be other possibilities:
  1. “The Illuminati may have sabotaged the car to explode”
  2. “There may be a secret plan to evacuate the rich and influential people out of America do to some disaster about to happen.”
  3. “The paul walker death i believe is played by the illuminati . If you see family guy the dog brain died and was hit by a car and Paul played brain in the movies and died in a car so i believe is part of the illuminati just like the shooting in Colorado and the little Wayne video”
  4. “It’s a Joke.”
  5. “ It’s a publicity stunt for the new Fast movie”
I don’t know what you people are smoking or medication you are on to believe these conspiracy’s but stop believing everything you read on the internet. Although it is weird that the Friday before there was an internet hoax the Paul walker had died and the it happened on Saturday????????????  
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