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by Randy posted Feb 27 2014 3:44PM
If you are a fan of west coast Hip Hop, and especially Snoop, check out the new mixtape...

Stream Snoop Dogg's New Mixtape  "That's My Work Vol. 3"
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by J. Reed posted Feb 25 2014 9:53AM

by Romeo posted Feb 25 2014 9:07AM
A listener posted this on my facebook page and i thought it was a great perspective of the world today:
  • Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are VALIDATION MACHINES for women. All they hear day in and day out is how "beautiful" they are from losers who think they will score brownie points by leaving lame comments on their pics. Now we're dealing with a generation of women who think they are at least 2 points higher on the looks scale than they actually are.

    Do all women know that these losers don't actually think they are beautiful and just want some sex? Or do they just ignore the fact? Nothing rustles my jimmies more than a 5 thinking shes a 7 Romeo. 

The internet just allows more people to see whats going on. Men have been lying for ever about how a 5 is a 7 just to get lucky, the difference is you had to be at the bar to see it not log on to Facebook.
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by Romeo posted Feb 20 2014 8:48PM
Justin Bieber is telling the tabloids that he took Selena Gomez virginity, yet she can party harder then him and his friends. Actually FRIENDS AND FAMILY DON’T BELIEVE THAT TWO WEEKS IN REHAB WAS ENOUGH AND SHE MIGHT BE ON THE VERGE OF ANOTHER BREAKDOWN – AN ADDICTION SPECIALIST SAID “IT’S NOT POSSIBLE TO RECOVER FROM HITTING ROCK BOTTOM THAT QUICKLY" – SELENA CHECKED INTO A FACILITY IN ARIZONA ONJANUARY 5th FOR A RELIANCE ON PRESCRIPTION PILLS AND BOOZE. So you want me to believe that you JB are the one that taught her how to party and she got better at it then you and your boys? I think not. So she told you she was a virgin? Thats what they all say, no woman is going to say there were 20 guys before you and make themselves look like a slut. For some reason all guys want to conquer a virgin and all girls will tell you they are if you ask.
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by J. Reed posted Feb 20 2014 10:45AM

Pharrell Williams is "Happy" for more reasons then one!  His single "Happy" just hit Platinum status, and now he is reading his new album which he talks about here.

by Romeo posted Feb 12 2014 9:55AM

There is a little known Holiday that people some of you are missing out on because you justdon't know. It's the day before Valentine's Day, February 13. this is the day you celebrate your side chick. She has to deal with you also so make sure you get her a little something, but nothing bigger then your main chick.
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by Randy posted Feb 5 2014 3:17PM
If there is One guy that needed a beat down just is this DUDE!!!

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by Romeo posted Feb 4 2014 9:00AM
If you are going to go all out financially on your girl then do it on Valentine’s Day. Why? Women have 5 day that they consider their day for gifts, Christmas, her birthday, valentine’s day, mother’s day and anniversary. Christmas is a time of giving and they understand if you don’t go all out on her. Her birthday for some reason women of Bako would rather go away for the weekend then get a gift. Mothers day is more about the kids and anniversary is about you and her not just her, so women are in a state of mind for each occasion. Now valentine’s day is a day of romance, love and sex and she is already in the state of mind to go as far sexually as you want as long as you pay out for a good day.  So spend the most on valentine’s day and she do the most for you…
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