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by Randy posted Apr 18 2014 4:05PM
Uh Oh! Is He Back For Real? Check The New Single From MA$E "WHY CAN'T WE"
by Romeo posted Apr 14 2014 11:23AM

How revenue was divided up among federal programs in 2013. The following is based on $100 in taxes paid.
  • Social Security: $23.68
  • Health Care: $22.23 (includes Medicare, Medicade and other health)
  • Interest: $6.41
  • Veterans Benefits: $4.02
  • Transportation: $2.65
  • Civilian Federal Retirement: $2.65
  • Refundable Tax Credits: $2.43
  • Food Stamps: $2.39
  • Unemployment Insurance: $2.00
  • Supplementary Social Security: $1.53
  • Housing Assistance: $1.35
  • Education: $1.32
  • Foreign Aid: $.97
  • Agriculture: $.85
  • Congressional Salaries: $.004
  • Other: $2.13
When you break down the list can you see why the country is screwed up? Who get too much or not enough?
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by J. Reed posted Apr 10 2014 1:28PM
Lupe Fiasco had a song called Hip Hop Saved My Life come out 4 or 5 years ago, and that song had the same type of emotion I felt when I went to The Wherehouse...(which was a music store for those who don't remember) and bought the debut album (tape) from this young kid from New York named Nas called Illmatic!  When I first heard and seen the video for his song "It' Ain't Hard To Tell" I was like who the hell is this and why haven't I heard anyone like this before?  The answer was pretty simple.....their is not another Nas!  Below you will see a video featuring artist that were influenced by this album even thou they were not even born yet!  That is the type of impact a great album and great artist can do someone!

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