1. WHERE ARE YOU FROM- Hupa  California
    2. WHAT IS THE FIRST ALBUM YOU BOUGHT? Pebbles but I won it from a radio station and I still have the cd 3. FUNNIEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME?Blazing Saddles or any Mel Brooke’s movie4. WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT BEING ON THE RADIO? The waking up early, the dumb callers and the low pay

    5. BIGGIE OR PAC? Come on really

    6. KIM AND KANYE OR JAY AND BEYONCÉ? Depends you like classy or trashy? Classy.

    7. WHAT WOULD YOUR LAST MEAL BE? Carna asada tacos

    8. WORST SONG YOU HAVE EVER HEARD?Romeos raider songs

    9.  YOUR FAVORITE LIKE FROM A SONG OR A MOVIE?fly little pelicans

    10. BESIDES CHECKING YOU OUT ON THE STATION WHERE CAN PEOPLE FIND YOU ONLINE?facebook Twitter and the kern county court website

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